Light.  It’s something we use daily and can make or break a party, meeting or other event and still, the Lighting Design within a space can be easily overlooked.  Unless of course, it’s inadequate.  While lighting is all about perception and feel, designing a lighting scheme (and creating a specific effect) is not a haphazard endeavor.  It requires precision and careful planning using cutting-edge technology.  That’s where photometry comes into play.

Photometry is the study of light and how it is perceived by the human eye.  At Powerhouse Engineering Partners, our skilled Lighting Designers use special imaging programs that leverage photometric data to create 3D models of your space and the lighting fixtures within them.  Each fixture is simulated using standardized IES files to accurately show how the light will appear in any room and any situation.  This allows us to mix and match fixtures to accentuate architectural design elements, ensure an even and sufficient amount of light is available in the space and efficiently distribute fixtures, saving money and time on a project.  Using photometric data to design a lighting scheme provides a precise and reliable way of ensuring you, the Client, get exactly what you want out of your Lighting Design.

Photometric Analysis

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