Daylight Harvesting Explained

Daylight harvesting is a sustainable way to save energy, but it’s also a more holistic way of utilizing both artificial and natural light to illuminate a room. A daylight harvesting system employs sophisticated sensors to monitor the amount of natural light in a space and adjust the artificial lighting to maintain a constant level of […]

How the IoT Will Change the Way We Live

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become a trendy term in recent years. It’s used to describe the interconnectivity of things we use in our daily lives like appliances, vehicles, and even building materials, creating a data-rich network empowered by these evolved devices that we can then leverage to simplify our lives. The advent of the attainable smart …

Voice Control as a User Interface

Voice control is quickly becoming the most sought after user interface. With Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, the ability to dictate commands and interact with your home is no longer in the realm of science fiction. Even Apple has jumped on the bandwagon with their HomePod, and there is a new technology available through the Custom Installation …

Benefits of Proper Lighting Design

Light.  It’s something we use daily and can make or break a party, meeting or other event and still, the Lighting Design within a space can be easily overlooked.  Unless of course, it’s inadequate.  While lighting is all about perception and feel, designing a lighting scheme (and creating a specific effect) is not a haphazard […]

Selecting Surveillance Cameras

Selecting the right IP Camera is more than ‘point and shoot’ Surveillance systems can be found almost anywhere these days, and with the growing popularity of low-cost WiFi enabled cameras and easy to set up DIY systems, they are no longer limited to big businesses or public spaces.  A well-designed Surveillance System that effectively covers …

Leveraging Technology In Residential Projects

The less you want, the more the need. As a Technology Consultant, one of the most frequent questions one gets is: “Why is it so expensive?  The system should be simple…I want to press one button and have everything turn on.”  Unfortunately, the reality is, the simpler you want the user experience to be, the […]