Voice control is quickly becoming the most sought after user interface. With Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, the ability to dictate commands and interact with your home is no longer in the realm of science fiction. Even Apple has jumped on the bandwagon with their HomePod, and there is a new technology available through the Custom Installation Channel called Josh.ai.Voice Control Image

All of these devices make it easy to play music or a podcast, start a timer, or even check the weather, but integrating with a Smart Home to control lights, thermostats and door locks requires swapping out complimentary equipment with compatible products, and in the case of the consumer products like Amazon, Apple and Google, a good bit of “know-how.”

For example, Amazon’s Echo has over 50,000 “skills” that enable the device to do specific tasks, but you have to search through the skills to find the right one and navigate a setup process on both devices to connect them. Google Home has a similar setup via their App.

On the other hand, Josh.ai is a completely integrated system that is only available through authorized dealers, so the installation and setup is seamless for the homeowner. With their new Josh Micro, Josh has the ability to understand more complex commands, so you can string together many commands or set scenes that affect multiple devices and systems. It even has a touch-sensitive pad that can be used for volume, dimming, or temperature control. As their name suggests, Josh.ai has Artificial Intelligence built in, so it can learn your specific accent, understand that a single room may be called a different name by different people, and allow you to stray from the “script” that other devices require.

Finding the right system for your home can be tricky. You will have to consider your existing technology, the features you want, and of course, your budget. As with all voice control protocols, privacy will always be a concern and should definitely be considered when selecting and installing a voice control device. At Powerhouse Engineering Partners, we can help you decide which voice control system will work best for you. Contact us today for more information.