The less you want, the more the need.

As a Technology Consultant, one of the most frequent questions one gets is: “Why is it so expensive?  The system should be simple…I want to press one button and have everything turn on.”  Unfortunately, the reality is, the simpler you want the user experience to be, the more complicated the systems behind the scenes must be.  One of the best examples of this is found in Lighting Control Systems.  A traditionally switched system, which is the simplest of systems to build, consists of an individual in-wall dimmer or switch for each lighting load.  This system, however, provides the most complex user experience, because it requires banks of multi-gang devices where the User must adjust each light level individually.  Alternatively, if a distributed Lighting Control System was used, that same bank of dimmers would be replaced with a single keypad with engraved and back-lit labels, clearly calling out often-used scenes such as Dine, Entertain, Movie Mode, and All Off.

Switches versus Keypad

This same convenience can be carried through to all of the individual systems in the home, like HVAC, Audio/Visual and Security to name a few.  Furthermore, when all of these systems are connected via an Integration and Automation System, they can communicate with each other and synchronize events to make managing a home simpler.  Most ‘Smart Homes’ will have a Vacation Mode which, when enabled, will automatically close the windows, draw the blinds, turn off all the lights, set back the thermostats, lock the doors, arm the security system, and monitor your plumbing to shut off the water if a leak is detected while you are away.

Technology Systems can provide many benefits beyond these simple conveniences, but they can also be intimidating and most people are unfamiliar with the costs associated with installing them.  Powerhouse Engineering Partners makes selecting these systems for your home simple, professionally designing Technology, Lighting and Electrical Systems and coordinating them with your Architect and Builder.  Powerhouse Engineering Partners does not sell or make any profit from the equipment you purchase, so you can trust our designs consider only your best interests.  Contact Powerhouse Engineering Partners for help designing your technology, lighting and electrical systems today.

Powerhouse Engineering Partners is a design and consulting services firm that was founded in 2012 in Aspen, Colorado. They provide Electrical Design, Architectural Lighting Design, and Technology Systems Design as well as Construction Management and Client Advocacy services for new construction and renovation projects. Powerhouse Engineering Partner’s in-depth design documentation, detailed coordination, and professional project management services help Architects, Builders, and their Clients navigate the continually expanding electrical, lighting, and technology related systems to deliver the best systems at the most cost-effective prices.